When friends with common interests share a passion for the finer things in life, an idea is born.

Originating from Australia – the founding members of Rosé Imports have varied and extensive experience, including close relationships in the hospitality industry and personal knowledge of the Rosé regions in the South of France. Rosé Imports was developed to fill a gap in the Australian market – great tasting, affordable Rosé to be savoured and enjoyed year round.

One of the founding members of Rosé Imports has lived in the South of France for five years. During this time he has embarked on adventures to seek out fresh new brands with the highest quality, discovering some amazing and unique Rosé wines that have never been made available to the Australian market before. He has built strong relationships with the wineries, which all have a unique story to tell. He has always loved the Côte d’Azur lifestyle and wanted to bring back a piece of the Provence lifestyle along with its wines to his home country of Australia, for all to enjoy the Rosé way of life.