Sassy Cider

The ciders originate from Normandy at Château de Sassy. The tradition of cider and calvados-making has been preserved at Xavier’s family-owned property. The recipes are inspired by the cider served at Chateau Sassy for many generations.

Sassy Ciders are made from different varieties of apples that are rigorously selected from Normandy. Made using an artisanal press, the aromas of the fruit are enhanced and exude a taste of freshness to reveal a well-balanced flavor.

Sassy encourages a disruptive spirit in the universe of cider and pushes its boundaries. SASSY embodies the return of the ‘real taste’ of cider, with a modern spirit. Simply, SASSY aims for excellence.

The ciders are all naturally alcoholic beverages that are gluten-free and low in calories. Made uniquely from fruit extractions without any additives or concentrates, making it extremely refreshing and intensely fruity.