Smirnoff Infusions

Smirnoff Infusions is a new low-ABV (20%), low-calorie spirit-based drink infused with natural botanicals is the perfect accompaniment to daytime socialising.


With less than 40 calories per serve** and 60 per cent less calories than a standard glass of white wine*, Smirnoff Infusions is made for the day and available in two delicious flavours; Cucumber Lime & Mint, with the crisp, cool flavour of cucumber and bright citrus notes of lime, and Passionfruit & Lime, with the sweet tart flavour of tropical passion fruit and lime. It is best enjoyed in a wine glass with 30ml Infusions, ice, 90ml of soda water and garnish of either a cucumber ribbon, lime and mint, or half a passionfruit and lime wedge.